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    Unhappy Macbook running at 100C when streaming Netflix
    So not so long ago, I took my black Macbook 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo apart to clean the fan and replace the thermal paste because it was overheating. For about a month it was working wonderfully, and the temperature would stay at a constant 50-60C for CPU A even when streaming Netflix. About a week ago, I noticed the temperature starting to climb up until hit a maximum of 106C when streaming Netflix! As soon as I would pause the video, the temperature would jump dramatically down. I have no idea what's going on. I use Safari to stream Netflix, so could it be Flash? Or more of an internal problem with the fans and paste not working?

    I use smcfancontrol and istatnano to monitor my temperatures.

    Not sure if this is a software or hardware issue either.

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    Sure it is C not F
    One hundred degrees Fahrenheit is not very hot for a computer.

    I am guessing you are allowing for air flow already. How are the fans responding?

    You might get a little relief by using Google Chrome and increasing the size of the browser cache. I find Chrome to be faster than Safari.

    I apologize if it does not seem relevant, but, I had this issue of over heating while streaming videos to the point of getting hard stops with a PC Desktop. A few very angry users posted on forums about - overheating with streaming videos, who never came back and posted a solution for themselves, mostly they blamed their ISP.

    I played a bit with the software to see if I could tweak my way out of the issue. I do not think those tweaks would work so well now, as very little of the video can now be downloaded in one one long burst. Just a little and then a little and a little more. The issue seems to be that, in todays internet, There is a lot of small clumps of video and with lots of back and forth between the servers streaming the video and the computer. This can be made worse if there is a lot of error processing because of a flakey connection, interruptions of some type, like for a PC, malware.

    I finally took the tower to a PC shop. The fellow suggested that fan motors can degrade a bit over the years and not spin as fast as they should. I asked the fellow to replace the Power Supply to something with a higher quality and more watts, replace the fans, even putting in larger fans. Reset the CPU heat sink. Not sure if I did it then, but I changed from using the LAN port on the MOBO to a separate PCi Ethernet card. Of course he blew it out, even though I had already tried that. No more overheating.

    I realize that some of this does not apply to an Apple Notebook. Just thought I would relate my experience as I have never read of anyone else who resolved the issue on the same computer. Use the information as you choose.

    Edit, and, are you sure you are running in 64 bit mode versus 32 bit mode? 64 bit mode runs faster for me. No, not sure if that would be relevant to what is an internet driven event.

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    Just realized, Might also reset the SMC, PRAM.

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    FWIW, it's not Flash. Netflix doesn't use Flash, it uses Silverlight.
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