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Thread: HDD-upgrade experience

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    HDD-upgrade experience

    I'm soon upgrading my HDD in my MacBook Pro (mid 2009), and I have looked at some different hard drives - Seagate Momentus/ WD Black Scorpio etc.

    I just want to hear from you, who have upgraded your HDD. What HDD did you upgrade to, and what are you experience with it? Good/bad things?

    /The guy from Denmark,
    MacBook Pro 13" (mid 2009), 2,26 GHz Core 2 duo, 2 GB RAM, 160 GB HDD

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    I have upgraded my HDD twice, first because of a drinks spill and the second an upgrade to a 500gb after I saw a cheap one at my local electronics store.
    Both have been more than easy and simple to do, especially when you take advantage of Disk Utility to completely copy your HDD or using Migration Assistant to move personal files, Applications and Account across.


    - Simon

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    SSD from OWC and simply screams. Well worth the extra bucks.
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    One month ago...Started experiencing the under 30% slowdowns so I Installed WD Blue 500gb via clone. Constant whooshing sound coming from drive and constant momentary delays......Yesterday..... Purchased new Hitachi 7200rpm 7k500 500gb, no whoosh, no delay just performance for $59 and now have a WD Blue backup drive.
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