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Thread: MBA w/SSD How Much Room?

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    MBA w/SSD How Much Room?
    After searching the forum, I could not find the answer

    How much available space is remaining on a new MBA that comes with the 128 GB SSD?

    I'd like to know, after unboxing your new 128GB SSD equipped MacBook Air, how much usable space remains on the SSD, before installing any software.

    Due to the fact that is' a secondary mac laptop for me, I'd like to keep my purchase price / out of pocket expense low.


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    Interesting question. I'd figure you'll have between 100-110 out of the box. Nothing installed, etc.

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    I had an idea it would be about that size, but I would like to know exactly, if anyone would be so kind as to check theirs.

    Thanks all

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    On a new MBA with a 128GB SSD specification, there is 121GB that is available for use. There is also a 655MB recovery partition that is not included in that 121GB figure. I have no idea how much space, out of the 121GB, that the OS takes up as I migrated the data from my previous system and thus never inspected the MBA with only an OS installed.
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    Rats - I just got a Macbook Pro in that configuration but didn't really record the actual available space. My (poor) memory indicates it was somewhere between 100 and 110 with only lion installed.

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    If you go into Disk Utility and select the drive, shown under the name of the hard drive, it will detail amount of space used and amount remaining. On a Mac Pro Lion takes up some 18GB of room. That indicates you would have some 100GB or so left as Bob Stan explained.
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