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Thread: I need some help

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    I need some help
    ok so i just brought my new ram which is two 4gb for my new macbook pro 17inch early 2011 labtop,while i was installing the ram, i got to the last one to install but the other one got stuck and now i can get it out, so i powered my computer back up to make sure it went in, and one of them did but the other didnt, so it currently reads 4gb and its supposed to read 8gb, i got these ram's from the crucial site, so can some one tell me how can i get the other one to get unstuck? its the top one not the bottom, or are yall just tell me to take it apple?

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    Did you follow the instructions in your Apple guide on how to add memory? If the module is stuck and you're afraid to remove it for fear of breaking something, by all means take it to your local Apple store and have them do it for you. Note though, they may charge you. It just depends.....

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