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    Macbook water help
    Ok so i walked into my friends room thismorning where he had a cup of water sitting on the floor. When i kicked it over a little bit got on the top of his macbook (im not even sure what macbook it is all i kno is the product number is A1181) and i automaticly thought no big deal it was only a pittpe bit of water. Wen it dident even attempt to turn on i freaked out nd we then realized that ther are 6 small vents werre the water was spilled (in the back righthand part of his macbook) and now im worried. He tried to turn it on a few times and it dident even look like it tried to turn on. Now i am wondering if this is because of the fuse tha goes off in case of water damage but im not sure if his macbook has that. I did some research and now the macbook is ipside down drying infront of an air cOnditioner. Does this problem sound like its going to fix itself? What should we do?

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    Alas liquid + electronics = death often. Keep your fingers crossed it may come back to life if the logic board is not cooked. Also remove battery when trying to dry it out.
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    Luckily, it was just water. It could've been a lot worse if it was soda/juice/coffee, etc. Was the MacBook on when you spilled the water on it? If so that raises the chance that the logic board shorted out and essentially fried itself. Don't try to turn it on again for at least 72 hours. Good Luck.

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