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    macbook pro to external monitor
    I have recently brought a macbook pro 13". i want to hook it up to my samsung 22" monitor that i previously used for my old PC. is this possible and would the picture come out ok?

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    I use a USB hub+video+sound adapter for this. Just plug in 1 usb cable, and out comes 5 USB connections, stereo jack sound, and HDMI video at 1920x1200 pixels. The hard part is finding one that has crash-proof 64bit drivers for OSX and will give you 1200 vertical resolution.

    I use the Kensington dock - the one that has video but no network. The down side is that you are limited on video size. Mine will display HD movies up to about 800x600 - either in a window or in a full size resized desktop. Also the dock sometime freezes up, but does not lock up my MBP. So, I just unplug power, and replug power to the dock when this happens. You will find many other docks that crash your MBP, so don't worry too much about crashing your dock.
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    Way... way too many specs to list.
    You need a minidisplayport to whatever type connector your monitor uses adapter.
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    Should work fine once you get the right connector. My 15" 2008 MB Pro is connected to a 24" Samsung all the time.
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