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    Jul 24, 2011
    Macbook pro 15" 2007 starup problem!?
    Switching on my Macbook pro 15" 2007 to day ends up with the rotating "timeglass". It goes through the following:
    - I hear the DVD device
    - I hear the fanfare (music)
    - The Apple logo on the screen
    - For short a 10 cm registration meter on the screen
    - I think I can hear the HD start rotating, but no activity (if it is to be heard), but the wentilation also starts.
    - And then the litle rotating sign with black lines - and there it is!

    Pressing the Optionkey and Altkey and then start up ends with the Mcintosch logo and an arrow on the screen. Pressing mouse key on the arrow ends up in the same mode - rotating sign ...

    Can You tell me where I am in the startup process:
    - Just before the boot on the HD?
    - Is it likely that the CPU device workes, but not the HD?
    - I do not have my boot-DVD - will it help me with the diagnose?

    I made a Timemachine backup of the Macbook Yesterday - how can it be helpfull?


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    Jul 24, 2011
    Macbook Pro 15" 2007...
    I can add:
    When closing the Screen lid, the screen light is not switched off, and the light in the lock lights constantly (not slowly blinking as normal)!
    I must be the reasen the Macbook still heats and the wentilation continues in the machine,


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    MacBookPro 11,2 <--DAW!!!
    Having your OS DVD to boot up from will help.
    Sounds like you need to "Repair Permissions" on your system hard drive.
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    Jul 24, 2011
    I have just made a HW-test of the Macbook, with the following error result:
    "4V DC/1/40000003: Video controller"

    For 6 month ago the Macbook was repaired: the 15" screen was replaced, and when I reciewed it the screen-lid could not lock down the last 15mm without a little fingerpower! I made a few complaints, because i saw it as violence! But the repair workshop rejected me!
    Now I wonder if there can be a connection between this experience and the fault indication!?
    Among others the cable connecters in the Mac?

    Can anyone explain the fault message??


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    Jul 24, 2011
    Its me again!

    I think the Mac AHT does not include HD test??


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    Jul 24, 2011
    Me again

    The disctool told me an error on the MAC HD:
    "Test of the HFS Plus.
    Invalid catalog-PEOF

    The equipment cant be repaired by the tool!!??"

    Seems to be a new disc!?
    What does PEOF MEAN??


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