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Thread: will my machine can handle lion?

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    will my machine can handle lion?
    I have:

    late model 2006 MBP
    2.16 GHz Core 2 Duo
    3 GB Ram
    120 GB Hard Drive (might be upgrading soon)
    128 mg ATI video card

    Will Lion be snappy and responsive just like me current snow leopard setup? Anyone tried lion with similar machine?

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    My MBP is also the '06 model, the next step up from yours. It's handling Lion just fine. Have not noticed any appreciable differences in speed from SL with an upgrade install.

    Mine has already been through a few upgrades from the original hard drive. Step it on up to a 7200RPM 320 or 500 GB drive and you'll likely find that Lion is faster than you're use to with SL.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cad2blender View Post
    Will Lion be snappy and responsive just like me current snow leopard setup?
    I've heard from a number of users with older Core2Duo-based machines who have been concerned that since their Mac has the *minimum* requirements to run Lion that somehow Lion might present too much of a strain on their Mac for it to run well.

    The reality seems to be that, if anything, older Macs (that still meet the minimum requirements to run Lion) run a bit faster under Lion. This may be partially due to the fact that some components of Snow Leopard, most notably drivers, (and, of course, some applications) had to run using Rosetta. Rosetta is emulation. Fast emulation, but emulation nonetheless, and having things run under emulation is a performance drain. Lion doesn't make use of Rosetta.

    3GB of RAM is the very minimum amount that Lion seems to need to run well. More is even better.

    So, you shouldn't see any slowdown under Lion assuming that you still have a good chunk of free contiguous space left on your hard drive.
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    I have to echo Randy's sentiment here My '08 MacBook Pro seems a bit faster than it did under Snow Leopard. In addition to the reasons he gave I started with a clean install and have not had time to load all the stuff that was there before.

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