Hi everyone, a few week ago I bought my wife a MBA, model A1237 (I think is an old one), with a 80 GB Hd (no SSD).

After a few days of working (it's used not brand new), when I shut down the mac and then turned it on again, the spinning circle took forever and never booted up to the osx.

So, i forced the shutdown (hold pressed the button) and booted with the option key, selected the partition on the HD that has the dvd installation of snow leopard, and make a new installation.

It booted up fine, worked ok. I left it sleeping a few days (using it) and then again, after I installed some apps, I had to restart it and another time it never booted up.

I entered the disk utility booting into the dvd partition, but could not repair the disk with this, so again a new installation, what a pain....

This happened once again, so I am becoming an expert at installing snow leopard

I thought that maybe the memory modules where failing, so I downloaded memtest and run it at boot, twice, but everything is ok.

I am guessing maybe the HD is bad??
Any suggestions? Where to look for this failure?

Any help appreciated,