Since the new Macbook Air 2011 generation just came out I was thinking of possibly selling my older Macbook Air to get the new one.

But just to think back on the previous generations that came before the 2010 generation, what were the differences between each generation?

Is the new Macbook Air that just came out a few days ago the 3rd generation?

Correct me if I'm wrong here ( I didn't pay much attention to apple until i got my Mac)

2011 - 3rd Generation ( Came out ~20th July) - Newest Generation

2010 - Second Generation ( I got mine at the start of this year so it's probably this generation)

2008 - 1st Generation

Is this correct? Or did apple release a new version of the MBA every year?

Also, could you tell me the difference between the one I currently have ( early 2011, so 2010 generation) and the ones from 2008?