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    Nov 27, 2009
    Istumbler type program for MBP
    For previous G4 labtop I had Mac Stumbler to find wifi when on the road.

    I did some initial investigation into this 6 months or more, back and seem to remember folks said Mac Stumber would not work with the current OS and the MBP. Folks on one of the computer boards recommended a program that was similar.

    I failed to note the name of the program, anyone able to help?

    Is this still the most current info, mac stumber will not work with MBP?


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    Dec 09, 2010
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    I've used Kismac previously. I haven't tested with Lion, but it was working fine in Snow Leopard last I checked.

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    Nov 27, 2009
    I look at the program once
    I look at the program once, it had a black screen with I think white text. What I saw came from the mac app store. It was under the most popular downloads.

    I don't remember the name and now i can't seem to locate. I did run across a reference to some of these programs being removed form the app store.

    Anyone able to help me track down if the program I saw is still available.

    EDIT: The more I think about this what I saw was a desktop widget. Any ideas on the name?

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    This thread confuses me. What's wrong with the app listed in the title of this thread - iStumbler? iStumbler 99

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    Jan 09, 2010
    I've been having problems with Kismac on Lion. It freezes every time I start a scan. I hear there's a fix floating around out there but I can't find it.

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