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    Jul 21, 2011
    MBP 13 i5, 13 i7, or 15 i7?
    I really need your help deciding guys. This is my first venture into Macs. I'm going to college this fall as an undeclared major although I'm leaning towards film and even if I don't become a film major I'll still be into filmmaking.I can't decide between the affordable and portable MBP 13 or the more powerful MBP 15. FCPX will probably be my most demanding program. If i get a 13'' I'll definately get an external monitor. How bad is the intel 3000? Is it bad at all? I really want to go as low as possible with price but if I must I can try to find some more cash to go for the higher end MBP. Thanks in advance for any help guys!

    ps. I'm getting a ssd regardless of which MBP I get.

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    Well- if you want to do filmmaking, especially if you major in film, you will probably want a discrete gpu, so I would recommend going for the 15. You will find the added screen real estate useful, and the quad-core i7 will also help immensely for a lot of those tasks. I vote 15in.

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    I agree, the 15 would be better. But you know that. If your asking would the 13 do the job I think it would. The graphics will do a fair job and with a ssd, the i5 chip will be just as capable as a year old 15 mbp. So if your gona struggle to get the 15.... go for the 13. If you can comfortably get the 15 DO IT. Good luck with your purchase!
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    Thanks for the advice guys. Anyone else want to chime in?

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    Baseline 15 inch will do fine. The 13 inch models are great but they have an integrated graphics chip that will probably be the bottle neck when doing heavy video editing.

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