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    Is it time to upgrade??
    I have the 13 inch black Late 2006 MacBook. I upgraded the memory to 2GB. It also has the 2 GHz Intel Core 2 processor. My concern is that I upgraded to the Lion today and it seems that my MacBook isn't even compatible with a bunch of the features (finger swipe, FaceTime, etc, etc, etc).....

    I use the Macbook for school mainly and my iPad for pleasure. It seems that Microsoft 2011 package is still working, just slowly.

    Any suggestions? Anyone have any problems with Microsoft 2011 after installing Lion? Thanks....

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    its only the multi touch your missing, depends how much you want to try it. It is very addictive it feels a bind to use a machine without it now. You could try the Multi touch trackpad to see if you like it? Cant comment on the 2011 Microsoft as i can't stand to use it on a mac, its bad enough being forced to use it on my works dell lol. But your hard wear if its working should be fine. Its a soft wear issue not hard wear if office is running slow. I loved my blackbook and was devastated when it gave up the ghost.
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    Maybe your system is still indexing after the Lion upgrade? That would slow things down. I haven't seen any issues with Office '11 on my end here.

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    run a maintenance app and clear out the cobwebs
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