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    Question Need 2008 Macbook screen replacement - same as Macbook Pro?
    I bought my macbook in 2008. Recently while traveling, it was stored in my backpack which was stepped on by many people. Now when I turn it on, there is a mess of blurred colours and lines all over the screen, except for one corner where I can still see my desktop and mouse - I can bring up applications and they are still visible in that corner. So I believe I just have a cracked screen?! And that I can buy a replacement screen & carefully fix it myself?!

    Could someone please confirm this is actually the problem, and not something more serious?!

    On eBay and amazon there are only screens for Macbook Pro Unibody (61GBP):

    The listing says this:
    "This screen fits almost any laptop which has a 13.3" WXGA TFT LCD except DELL (Running 1280 x 800 resolution) It uses the latest LED backlight technology."
    "Please make sure this is definitely the correct screen for you, many models of laptop use several different incompatible types of screen such as LED and CCFL backlit in the same model number. "

    Can I buy this? Is it compatible with the 2008 macbook (which I believe is the polycarbonate model)?!

    Could someone suggest other places to buy replacement screens cheaply? Online I guess, I'm in Sweden.

    Sorry I'm not technically inclined at all & sorry if there have been other posts already about this, but I didn't have any luck finding them.

    Many thanks!!!

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    You can not use that screen because it's LED backlighted. Your model MacBook uses a CCFL backlight.

    Since you're in Sweden it may be best to purchase the screen replacement from an authorized Apple dealer and perhaps even have them install it. Of course find out the cost first. Dealing with eBay sellers is OK if you're a seasoned eBay buyer and buy from someone who accepts returns. Otherwise I would avoid buying from eBay.

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    thanks chscag, really appreciate the info, all the best

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