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    So long MacBook, we had good times.....
    Looks like the good old MacBook line has been wrapped up:
    Shop Online at the Apple Store - Apple Store (U.S.)

    It looks like a choice of MacBook Air or Pro from now on.

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    I know! I was just noticing this today. I even went into the Apple store to ask if it was true, and they informed me it was!

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    Well, the MacBook Air is a pretty powerful machine at this point. And it's at the same price point as the MacBook was, so I feel like it's a nice fit for most people that wanted a MacBook.
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    I went to the Apple store this morning to drool over the Macbook Air, and I was curious about a price they had listed. They had the top tier Air for $1599, which was way less than what I priced it out online the night before. Went online and saw the all new Air. I asked a guy working there and he said he didnt even know about it yet, and that he doesnt have any in the store. Called a few other Apple stores and they wouldnt sell me the new air (which they confirmed they already had in stock) until tomorrow, so Im sure there will be lines and crowds all day. I came home and ordered the 13" 128 Air, upgraded to next day delivery for $16 and it should be here on Friday. I was already set on getting an Air, but when I saw the new one with Lion OS, the i5 processor, backlit keyboard and so on, I was sold. I sacraficed some in the disk space and the graphics card that I couldve got with the Pro, but the Air is so much sleeker and will meet my needs just fine. This will be my first Mac, and I cant wait to get it on Friday

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    Congrats on the purchase. Those new Airs are beautiful

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