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    RAM - Kingston KTA-MB1333/4G or Kingston value RAM
    Hi all... I just got my macbook pro last month, and now I want to upgrade it to 8GB ram. Anyone uses Kingston ram model: KTA-MB1333/4G (based on their website, it is compatible) or any comments on Value ram model begins with KVR-XXXXX??/4G ? Thanks

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    What price are you paying ?? I have used Kingston in the past and had to return it.
    I now go through and being from Australia have had no problems with them and second to only Apple in customer service. They test all hardware so they make sure it compatible with all Macs.
    The page i gave you if you put in your Mac Specs by following the prompts then it will bring up a big list of ALL compatible RAM for your particular machine. $84.99 8GB Other World Computing RAM

    So havnt got much to say on those particular models/brands but OWC is just another option . .

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    thanks for your update tatooedmac... I can't find any shops here in my country (malaysia) carrying this brand, the closes I can get is Kingston, limited choices

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