I am just starting to become familiar with a Mac, having purchased a new iMac for my wife. I develop/support commercial software for Windows in my day job and am considering starting some development for iPhone/iPad apps. Due to deskspace limitations, I think a Macbbook Pro would be the way to go. I have a few questions though.

1) I really like the speed of a solid state drive. Are the drives sold by OWC significantly better than ones installed by Apple? It looks like the cost savings might only be $100 if they are equal and I assume installing the OWC drive would void the Macbook Pro warranty.

2) Has anyone tried the OWC drive doubler to replace the Optical drive with another hard drive? I am sure that would impact battery performance, but that is not a major concern for me at this point. I just need to have sufficient space on the Macbook for all development files I might have.

Any advice appreciated.