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Thread: MacBook Pro 2007 Won't Start Up, Sleep Light Blinks Fast

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    MacBook Pro 2007 Won't Start Up, Sleep Light Blinks Fast
    Tonight my MacBook Pro, running Leopard and purchased back in August 2007, just stopped working. I left it running today before work, and I noticed when I came back, the indicator light was blinking (instead of gradually getting brighter and dimmer). I then noticed I could not view anything on my screen, so I tried restarting the computer. When I did this, the screen would not come on again, I noticed the CD-ROM drive give its usual whine and I can hear the fan running (normal pace) but there is no start up sound and the sleep indicator light just keeps blinking again.

    I then tried taking out the battery, cord, restarting with various configurations. I tried PMU reset and I tried resetting the RAM, nothing is working. Has anyone experienced this problem before/ knows how to deal with it? Unfortunately, I don't have the finances to see a genius right now. Therefore, your help will be most greatly appreciated.

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    If you can't boot the machine at all and do not hear the startup chime, it's likely a serious hardware error that's occurred. It may be the logic board which would be an expensive repair. There really is no way to say for sure without taking it on in to an Apple store or authorized Apple repair center.

    If you would like to try an on line Apple repair service center, post back and I or someone else can recommend several to you.

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    According to Apple, you can take it to a Genius Store and can provide options to solve your problem at no charge.

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