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    Question Mac Book Pro HDMI out:
    I wanted to by a Mac Book pro 13 inch, and good HDMI out is very important to me. I connected my friends Mac Book pro to a TV via a HDMI and it only showed picture and not sounds. Is this just his mac book pro or all Mac Book pros are like that, not transferring any sound via HDMI out?

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    Early model MBP had video only out the Display Port the late models include audio video and you either need an adapter or HDMI to Display Port cable no such thing as
    an HDMI out on any MBP. Early models also had mini DVI port they have always been
    video only on any product hence the term Digital Video Interface.

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    Way... way too many specs to list.
    2010 was when audio over the MDP was added. Anything current works quite well.

    Actually, aint a thing 'mini' about the DVI port on my 08 MBP
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    i know about the mini DVI and i have a HDMI adapter for my iMac, but i wasn't sure if new mac book pros are added sounds, so thanks.

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    HDMI includes video and audio. So it's the Mac that isn't producing audio from the TV.

    What year is your friend's Macbook Pro? (if you're not sure, what year did he buy the mac)?

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