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Thread: ISO: HD Data Recovery in NYC?

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    ISO: HD Data Recovery in NYC?

    My MacBook HD died. fortunately under warrenty and Apple gave me my old one back. Are there any recommendations on which place I should take it to to attempt Data Recovery? I Live in New Yrok City.

    thanks so much!

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    What is your budget and have you tried attaching it using an external adapter to see what you can get back on your own?

    I only ask because true data recovery services are VERY expensive (think $600+ to start). If the damage is minor and the drive is mountable, you could potentially save yourselves a lot of money. Keep in mind that ordinary computer repair shops don't have the means to do recovery that you couldn't do on your own. If the hard drive is truly hosed, it has to be disassembled in a clean room environment and mounted using specialized tools. I'm not aware of any service like that in the NYC area, typically the drive needs to be shipped off.
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    You live in NYC and don't know about TekServe?? People who've never set foot in NYC in their lives know about TekServe!

    Data Recovery | Tekserve

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