Last night, my MBP made a faint clicking noise and I immediately thought HDD. When I turned it on today, it showed a back-lighted blank screen (black). The display was on and was lit, but the screen showed nothing but black. I left it for a little while (~5 minutes) and it booted fine. I tried to browse the web for a second and the screen went right back to black. If I tilt the MBP back and forth, the hard drive makes a strange noise, but it's no longer clicking. Also, I can't get any picture now, at all. I'm willing to fix the thing, but I don't want to replace the HDD only to find out that it's actually my video card or (even worse) a failing Logic board. Thoughts? Suggestions? My plan as of now is to replace the HDD with a bigger unit, unless someone suggests otherwise. Oh, and I'm in the process of saving up for a new MBP, but I'd like to patch this one till I get a new one, so "buy and new MBP doesn't count as a suggestion here lol

Thanks in advance guys!