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    Hello All

    New to the forum, and new to Mac's in general.

    I will be graduating uni soon and I'm looking to make the move to Mac's. I am looking to get into Freelance editing so film editing probably on some version of Final Cut would be one of the main uses.

    I'm debating between a 13" and a 15", I'm aware that for editing a larger screen is obviously a bonus.

    But as I'm not really much of a computer person I'm wondering if the switch between dual core and quad core really affects the kind of work I'm looking to do.

    Secondly what effect will the AMD Radeon HD 6490M with 256MB GDDR5 video card be?

    And finally, I'm a bit of a gamer as well so same question, will the changes in number of cores and video card make a big difference?

    Thanks for any help!

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    More Cores = More Jobs that your CPU can handle
    The AMD (ATI) Radeon 6490M will offer great graphic performance when it comes to video editing and gaming.

    If I was you, I'd go with the 15" Macbook Pro and wait until Mac OS X Lion comes out (which is couple of days away).
    What games are you playing? Some games may require an intensive hardware.

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    On a side note.
    Apple corporate keeps to themselves when the exact release dates of new model upgrades and such are made.

    Like a friend bought an Ipad and then in less than three weeks the Ipad 2 came out. Plus, the Ipad original would immediately be less expensive. For rumors. Mac Buyer's Guide: Know When to Buy Your Mac, iPod or iPhone

    Apple itself has a refurb store which offers the same warranty as a new Apple and they do a great job of refurbing computers. Apple refurbs are not much of a risk. It might have a cosmetic flaw, but nothing important. If it has a real hardware problem then you have the same year of Apple Care that you would get with a new one.

    If you live close to an Apple Store, and have the money, "One on One" might be interesting to you.

    Notice Apple care can be extended up to three years for both hardware warranty and what is really big. Being able to call Apple care on the phone anytime for any of your problems related to the hardware or the OS. You can extend Apple care anytime in the first year, but the the Apple Care you initially gets only lets you get phone support for ninety days.

    Apple care does not cover damage to computers from accidents, dropping it, like spilling coffee into it. The space around the keys is there for air to be pulled around them and the whisper fans pull it out the back. Which gives liquids a perfect way to get onto the most expensive board of the MBP. One of the surprising ways people damage laptops is to drive over them with a car. They sit them down on the top of the car, or on the ground, forget it.

    Thus far Apple allows that there are some parts of an Apple computer one can upgrade on ones own, and not void Apple Care Warranty. if you break anything, then you will have to take care of what you broke to keep up the Applecare. Some people on this forum buy parts from OWC, as they are less expensive than Apple as well as they have things Apple does not sell. No, I do not work for OWC, or get anything, just a satisfied customer.

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