Ive been having quite a frustrating time with my macbook recently. When I close the lid on my macbook, the apple light on the case will stay lit. Upon opening the lid, I see that the computer has frozen and I have to force it off via the power button. But when I put the computer to sleep by hitting the apple icon on the top left and picking 'sleep' it will go to sleep correctly.

Also when I open the lid and the computer comes back on after sleep it will usually either freeze or the airport wont come on. I click the airport icon and see an option to click the airport on but when i pick it, the airport still wont turn on.

When the airport doesnt come on automatically and I cannot turn it on, I have to restart the computer 3-4 times before the airport starts functioning and connects to a wifi source. If the computer freezes then I am forced to do a hard reboot.

Whenever I move the lid on the laptop, it freezes. Or the airport stops working.

Any ideas? It seems like ive tried everything and I am very dissapointed. I bought it the same month Apple started offering aluminum macbooks and is not very old at all.

-computer freezes when shutting lid
-airport wont come on upon startup
-needs to be rebooted 3-4 times before airport starts working
-sensitive to opening/moving lid
-macbook randomly freezes and requires a hard reset