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    Unhappy 2.7 GHz w/ 5400 rpms or 2.0 GB w/ 7200 rpms
    Which would run faster? I watch sports on a my comp a lot and I want a computer that can keep with the live feeds. Do both have enough speed for that?

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    Keeping up with live feeds is more a matter of graphic power not hard drive speed. Either hard drive will be OK. The 7200 RPM drive offers faster boot times but depending on the drive cache it may actually be no faster than a 5400 RPM model.

    Buy a machine with the best GPU and amount of VRAM that you can afford. You can always upgrade the hard drive later on and likewise for the memory. But the GPU can not be upgraded. Later on when SSD prices are more affordable, you may want to go that route instead.

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    thanks for the help

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