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Thread: Macbook Pro 15'' Grinding Noise

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    Macbook Pro 15'' Grinding Noise
    Hey Guys

    I recently bought the 2010 Macbook Pro 15'' in August, 2010.

    Around Feb, it started making this annoying grinding noise from the front left. (Where your right palm is placed wile typing)

    It makes this noise as soon as I start up Mac OS or Bootcamp. It lasts for a long time in Boot Camp, but stops after a while in the Mac OS. If I am using a lot of applications in my Mac, it starts again and does not stop for a long time.

    I've taken it to the Apple Store several times, but they have checked and said nothing is wrong. One guy told me it's coming from my hard drive and it is normal. The problem is that they cannot hear the noise in the busy Apple Store.

    The noise is VERY annoying and loud. I'm not able to work as soon as it comes on.

    Please help.

    Thanks a lot.


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    It does seem to be a noisy hard drive. Take it on back to the Apple store and ask them to take your machine where it's quiet so they can listen to it.

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