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    Jul 12, 2011
    A little help my macbook !!! cry sob
    i spilt some liquid on the keyboard well my kids realy but powered off took out battery left to dry for one week on powering on all seamed to work fine apart from some keys ( hoped i would just need to replace keyboard)
    well that did not last long powered off when powered on again just could hear noise from cd drive laptop no beeps no pic i played with it got cd out item booted to os system been have the same problems ever since puting in an taking out cd seamed to work) i tryed to install a new os system using a external usb harddrive but macbook froze so had to switch off so do not know if there is on operating system on the harddrive now

    first question i know a lot about pc/windows and am good at sorting things out but need info as to if this can be fixed

    if there is no operation os on the harddrive will the screen turn on as all i can see at the moment is a black screen and no sound white light on right hand of case and cd noise eather seeking if no cd in or clicking if no cd in

    can post pic if needed

    ps its a macbook 2008 21. 160 hd 1gig ram

    MacBook (Early 2008 and Late 2008) - Technical Specifications

    is the macbook

    any help would begreat thanks insdvance

    pps sorry about spelling

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    I dare say the MB is fried. Water damage can happen weeks after with the effect of corrosion but sounds like you had a near direct hit.
    Have a read through I spilled liquid on my Macbook what should i do guide !!!!!

    Really without having it look at by a  genius we cant tell you much more.


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    Jul 12, 2011
    does the mac need an os system to boot or should i still get an apple screen on booting

    thanks angel

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    Jul 12, 2011
    and as the drive is seaking all the time can it be this that is making the problem and can i just disconect the cd drive the mac will boot as normal

    ps thanks for link for the spill just read that befor posting

    thanks angel

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