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Thread: MBP 4,1 hdd upgrade

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    Nov 11, 2009
    MBP 4,1 hdd upgrade
    So I've run out of space on the original hdd. 230gb just isnt enough when it comes to editing and photography. I wanted to swap in a larger hdd but wanted to make sure the one I buy is right for this system. I came across this one,
    Western Digital WD10TPVT 1.0TB WD Scorpio Blue... in stock at OWC
    Can anyone confirm this to be compatable for a drop in hdd?

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    It's too thick. Your MBP replacement hard drive has to be SATA, 2.5" wide and no more than 9.5 MM thick. The drive you selected from OWC is 12.5 MM thick. It will fit but may overheat once the machine is closed up and is not recommended. Right now the largest capacity drives that meet the specs for your machine are 640 GB and 750 GB.

    I realize that OWC says the drive will fit your MBP but the fact remains that it may heat up over time and cause problems. Some folks are using the thicker drive without problems but others have reported problems. It's really up to you.

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    Hmm, thank you for the heads up. Looks like Ill have to get a 750. Thanks again! Super helpful!

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