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jjiceman 07-10-2011 03:39 PM

Macbook4, 1 Internal Speakers don't work after Ubuntu 11.04 Install
I recently partitioned my drive with the Boot Camp Assistant and installed Ubuntu 11.04 on the second partition. After installing Ubuntu, the internal speakers on my Macbook won't work in OSX (10.5.8). I read a lot about a possibly broken audio jack, but there is no red light coming out for the optical connection. The sound works fine in Ubuntu.

I assume this is both a hardware and software problem, if this is posted in the wrong forum I apologize.

Any tips/advice are greatly appreciated. Thank you!

chscag 07-10-2011 09:04 PM

It can't be a hardware problem if the speakers are working when you boot to Ubuntu since the hardware is the same as OS X. Have you checked all your sound settings from System Preferences, Sound, in Leopard? Make sure the sound isn't muted or turned down or the headphones are showing.

jjiceman 07-10-2011 09:55 PM

The only displayed device in the "Output" tab in System Properties is "Digital Out", which is odd because the red digital light is not on and I don't have headphones plugged in.

chscag 07-10-2011 10:59 PM

OK, that makes sense. Use a headphone plug and push it in an out of the jack several times to see if the sound returns. If not, use a strong toothpick to insert in the jack and move it around a bit until the sound switches back on. There's a small release switch in the rear of the headphone jack that allows it to switch between digital and audio out.

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