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    Macbook 2008 charging problems!
    Hi guys, i recently got my macbook back from the apple store as it was in for a new screen. Before it went in for repairs, i saw that my macbook wasnt charging properly, but it the geniuses at the apple store hooked it up fine and reset the smc, so i thought problem solved.
    Now i am still having problems. For example, it just says "not charging" and the led light on thr charger is green. Macbook eventually died, but the led light kept on going from green to orange, with only the green making it turn on. To check if it was a battery issue, i removed the battery and plugged in the charger, but it still would not turn on.
    Also, whenever it is plugged in now (although it stll doesnt work, i am trying to troubleshoot), and i try to power it on, the led on the charger slghtly flickers!

    I dont think it is a battery problem, is the solution to simply buy a new charger?


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    Take it back to the Apple Store where you had the screen replaced and explain the problem to them. Let them try a new MagSafe charger and if it fixes it, buy the new charger.

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