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    Jul 09, 2011
    Unhappy Which macbook should I get? Thorough question..
    I was wondering what type of MacBook I should get (white, air, pro).
    Don't recommend me to a Windows machine..I'm using one...I've used them all my life.

    I'm a high school student who wants to make the switch from Windows to OS X and I feel like now is a good time since Lion is coming (or it may be here, I don't know)

    I have a 2008 Dell Inspiron 1525. I can't lie; it may have it's little bugs and freezes and may shut down for constant updates when I don't want it to, but all in all, it's treated me well through the years I've lived with it. It just looks like a piece of crap now. It's been through a lot that caused it to wear and tear and rather than pay $500 to get the parts replaced, I say what the heck, why not get a new laptop.

    I've had the opportunity to play around with a MacBook when my uncle asked me to reset his because he forgot his password. MAN was I blown away! This was the polycarbonate unibody edition. The looks of it, the simplicity of the OS, the multitouch trackpad and gestures, the speed..that apple notebook made my inspiron look like an old lump of metal...Windows wishes it made an operating system like Apple's. I knew that one day, I would want to own something like this.

    All I want is something to multitask with, play light games, do a tad bit of picture/video editing, storage for music/apps etc, a good web experience (which I'm sure they all offer) and something that gets my work done. By work, I mean high school work, so word processing and research mostly. I do not need to run heavy duty applications.

    I'm on a budget here. I'm getting a refurbished model for no more than $1,100

    so which one should I get?

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    You can get a new 13" MBP with student discount for around that price range.

    To answer your question though...any of the Macs that you listed can do what you need/want.

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    I agree with Crimson... any of the models you've listed will work just fine for your needs.

    Not sure how close you are to graduating... so you might consider your future needs as well - i.e. if you plan on college you might choose differently.

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    I'm only in 10th grade.

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    Uh, Considerations.
    If you are buying new, I would try to avoid the white MB, as the current low end 13" metal case MBP has clearly superior specs for only two hundred dollars more.

    Likewise, avoid the current Air book as it should be refreshed, soon. Notice the Air Book comes without an optical drive, which is important to some.

    If possible, go to the Apple store to look, knowing you are not going to buy that day.

    If money is a big concern, then look at the refurbished Apples at the online Apple store. They might have a scratch or two, but Apple backs them the same as new ones. Also if anything is refreshed, then the current models will suddenly become less expensive.

    As you probably know already, Apple keeps secret when it will release a new upgraded version of anything. Look here: Mac Buyer's Guide: Know When to Buy Your Mac, iPod or iPhone

    I am a big fan of Apple Care because I can call them on the phone with questions about hardware or software performance for the duration of my Apple care.

    If you are close to an Apple Store, and while you might not want to fork out the money, "One on One" is a great way to learn. However, someone who is willing to read and ferret out info for themselves can learn without that. Apple is pretty intuitive to use anyway.

    Have fun, and welcome to the converted.

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    As stated in another post. I would stay in the realm of the MBP models. I had a MacBook, but the plastic body is not as sturdy as the MBP and shows dirt really easy. Also, MBP models you can upgrade to 8 GB's of RAM. With the MacBook you can only upgrade to 4 GB's.

    May God Bless!


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    I would definitely go for the refurb MBP if you can afford one. You're going to get the upgraded build quality, long battery life, backlit keyboard, and 4 gigs of ram. Really a no-brainer if you have the cash.

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