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TomGoldAP 07-07-2011 02:08 AM

Macbook in slow motion.
Mac book in slow motion.
- as soon as it encounters any Video, news clip or film goes into a slow motion mode.
The Audio is still correct, the pictures are in slow motion with 1-3 second gaps in the motion picture or displayed image
It sometimes goes away after some time, sometimes stays.
The whole computer goes into slow motion. Using the computer in any other application is very slow.
It does not appear to be Internet connection related asrecorded clips do the same.

This will sometimes start 5 seconds into a clip/film viewingof movie type data.
Sometimes immediate.

I have had this phenomena for 2 years now, the system has been update, its been in an Apple care centre, I have asked technicians.
Anyone any ideas please, it must be something to do with the graphic driver which appears to block the whole of the computer.
MacBook 2Ghz Intel Core Duo
Memory 2GB 667Mhz DDR2 SDRAMM
Mac OS X Ver 10.5.8

bobtomay 07-07-2011 05:47 AM

Do you like spammers getting hold of your email address?

If not, I would suggest you edit that post and remove it.

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