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simzz 07-06-2011 04:55 AM

How big windows software can i use efficently in Mac Pro
I am software tester my profession and I use some big windows softwares which are not compatable with Mac OS. But after using iphone, ipad I have become a huge fan of Mac.

Please can you advice if I install virtual windows in Mac. Can I run my softwares as efficiently as I run in my PC? because I dont want to use boot camp and keep switching over. Boot camp will be last option for me.

Kindly advice. I am really stopping myself to buy mac just because of this issue..:|

chscag 07-06-2011 02:58 PM

For the most part, Windows software can be run in a virtual machine with little or no performance degradation. The exception is games or certain CAD programs that require the full power of graphics acceleration and 3D.

VMWare Fusion, Parallels, and the free VirtualBox are currently the choice you have for virtual machine software. Running Windows in a VM has the advantage of not having to reboot the machine each time in order to run.

simzz 07-06-2011 04:39 PM

Thanks mate for replying. I dont want to run heavy games or any CAD programs. Just want to run some windows software's which are not that resource hungry.

One more question, If I buy a mac pro 13inch, will that contain any software to run window in parallel or Do i have to buy it separately?

purple 07-06-2011 10:11 PM

You might notice that that the next Mac OS X, named Lion, will be out in the next several days and has some VM features. Apple - OS X Lion - The world

Before Lion: There are three VM programs that are usable under the current OS X, Snow Leopard, Parallels, VMwareFusion, and the one from Sun. Some one volunteered to me that VMware Fusion had been doing the VM with Apple longer and felt it worked more smoothly. Not to say which would be best, as I am not an expert nor have I evaluated all of them. Just be aware that there is more than one VM program. VMware and Parallels are an extra cost. Which brings up the point. I have discovered that many times when I want accomplish something, it turns out someone has developed a really keen, smooth working program to do it, but it costs $$.

Just like you will have to have a legal copy of Windows to use in the VM program.

In VMwareFusion one must decide how much RAM to assign to the 'guest OS' in the virtual machine. If you want to use Windows in a Virtual machine, with a Windows program, then you might want to max out the RAM you get.

I see a note that Intuit, is not going to have a version for Lion. I am guessing that will not affect the Intuit software running in a Windows Virtual machine. Maybe someone who is now testing Lion could advise the OP before he spends any money.

harryb2448 07-06-2011 10:34 PM

A Mac Pro is a completely different kettle of fish to a MacBook Pro. Also consider installing Windows 7 through Bootcamp Assistant which is a free program within OS X.5, X.6 and no doubt the shortly to be released X.7.

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