I have a Macbook pro 6 months old.
It runs great the one day it locked up (It had something to do with parallels so I took that off for good) and the only way I could get it up and running again was to reinstall the operating disk then loaded time machine and all was back like normal except this one program. It ran fine before I reloaded the system.
Everytime I open it I get this pop up box that reads:

../scr.osx/core/bitmap.cpp(590): assert "err==noErr"failed in GetlconRef(): Error when constructing icon ref
Do you want to stop the program?
You can also choose (Cancel) to suppress further waring.

Then the NO Cancel & Yes button

No matter what I click it will keep popping up every time I open this program.
I have uninstaller (took the app and dropped it in the trash bin) and re-downloaded it, installed it again and it still does the same.

I understand that this might be some king of application that keep the program from running twice? A file that did not get removed when the program closed down? That is why I tried to uninstall and reinstall it.

I was told it was something to do with the Stale Lock!

I'm fairly new with Macs of I have a lot to learn about the operating system.

Any ideas?