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    Paranoid about repairs
    I've always heard that letting someone have access to your computer is a bad thing. I started a thread yesterday and found out that my NVIDIA 8600M GT Graphics processor is the cause of my issue (thanks to a member on here), and I may be elligible for essentially a free repair.

    I'm a little paranoid because, as have most people, I've downloaded some tv/movies/music/programs/done online banking/etc. and I really don't want to get into trouble or have info stolen.

    Should I wipe my harddrive? Take it out myself since the issue is soldered to the logic board?

    Edit: I can't even get past the loading screen anymore before it locks up and freezes. Guess all of that is moot...

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    If you have not legally purchased those TV shows, movies, music, or programs then you won't receive any help here in hiding them.
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    Reminder: Please include your Mac's specs. This will make it much easier for the other members to assist you.

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    No guarantees, but I can say when I was in the Genius room, we had no time to look at a user's drive other than to make sure the computer boots once a repair is completed. Technicians at the bar are expected to work with 2-3 people at one time, and folks in the back are cranking out repairs just as fast as their fingers can go. Your bootleg copy of whatever just isn't important enough to waste their time.

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