(the way I managed to include those characters above is by copypasting them)

I have a 2008 Intel MacBook running 10.5.8.

So for no apparent reason (I suspect cruft; handy that I just got a keyboard cover which I will be using in future), my ? / recently stopped working. Every other key is fine, and the computer overall works fine as well.

I would like to remap those letters onto my right hand option key or another key I don't need. Neither Double Command nor KeyRemap4Macbook offer the option to remap this key, and the information I found elsewhere on this forum showing a system library file to edit, but when I looked I don't have that file, and I suspect that only works for various versions of 10.4.

I'm sure I need to go edit a plist somewhere, but I'm not sure what or how.

Can anyone help me?

(copypaste gets old)