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    Question iBook screen bend question
    I purchased an iBook this week, and thus far I have been very pleased with my purchase. However, while searching through the forum, I accidently came across this thread: ibook 12" monitor bend.

    Naturally, I checked the same area from the same angle, and to my horror found a very miniscule gap. Normally this would not be a big deal, but after seeing those pictures, I'm worried that I could develop the same problem. I didn't even check for a gap when I pulled it out of its box, so I'm not sure if it was shipped like this or if it developed.

    What I am wondering is: does every iBook have this slight gap? I'm assuming so, but I'd rather make sure before the exchangable period ends. I enclosed a picture of the area, to clarify what I'm talking about (specifically, the area above the "iBook G4" lettering, where the plastic meets the screen). Thanks for helping me alleviate my paranoia.

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    are u talking about the gaps between the screen and the plastic white bit of the laptop?

    if u are, then yeah i have the same gaps....i didnt even realise until i saw this post

    my iBook is about 3 weeks old and very well taken care of, so i think its a manufacturing defect if anything

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    That thread concerned me when I first saw it, mainly because it was posted the same day I got my iBook.

    I've since decided that joerower's was an extreme case. While I have a slight gap in the same place on my 12" iBook, I've seen no sign of the extreme bend on my or any of the iBooks I've come across since then.

    Don't sweat it. It's all good.

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    All the iBooks that I have seen have it a little, I wouldn't worry about it too much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mynameis
    All the iBooks that I have seen have it a little, I wouldn't worry about it too much.
    On the example you saw the adhesive just gave. That happens when you glue stuff sometimes or use tacky tape. I am sure that what happened to him is a very small percentage of ibooks sold. I read the same thing before I bought my ibook but ALL laptops have the potential for some flaws like that so I wouldn't worry. I have seen more windows based laptops have more cosmetic failures with the hinge and screen than Macs. And that's from seeing it firsthand.

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    Thanks for the responses, I feel a great deal better now.

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