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    Can a Mirosoft USB port wirless mouse work on a MBP?
    I have a 3 yr old MacBookPro, 15 inch, with software updated up to Lion - but not that OS. My apple mouse I got when I got the laptop died. I have a Microsoft wireless mouse that works via plugging it into a USB port. Can I make this mouse work on my MBP? If so, how do I set it up. When I plug the part into the USB port on my MBP the green diode on it glows steadily! Thanks,

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    use the button on your mouse and the usb one to sync should work.

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    You shouldn't have to do anything to make the mouse work. I plugged my Microsoft wireless mouse when I first got this MBP and it was automatically and almost instantly available to use. I did wind up getting an Apple Magic Mouse because there would be a lot of lag when using the Microsoft Mouse.
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    Can a Microsoft USB port wireless mouse work on a MBP?
    It can run with no problem I was troubleshooting a friends Windows unit because he had a problem with the mouse. I tried it on my Mac and it worked fine. It turned out that he had a bad USB input on his machine.

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