Im having massive problems with my macbook - the charger i have (it seemed) started playing up in the beginning, i thought it was my either my battery or charger to begin with but i soon found it seemed to be my magsafe connector.

Now i have an old battery that died as i left my laptop (with the battery still in) at home for 11 month with no charge, i have recently read that this causes the battery to die completely and can effect the charging system... however once i had bought a new battery i found that the laptop worked fine and responded to charge.

Recently though the charger needed to be fiddled and adjusted until i finally got charge through...

Now the thing is i am leaving the country (UK) soon to live in Vietnam, my funds are extremely limited and i have 600+ of music stored on my macbooks hard drive plus an invaluable amount of data.

My question is, is there a quick fix for this issue? Can i take the macbook apart and clean the connections between the battery and charger?

And also - what is the best HSB caddy for the macbook? I need to get the information off the Mac asap!!

Many thanks in advance, i am in a complete mess about this!