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    Aperture and Adobe photoshop CS5 not utilizing CPU
    Hi, i've recently uncovered a problem the my macbook applications. I've noticed that when i run both applications (that is Aperture and Adobe Photoshop CS5) at the same time my CPU is barely utilized as it stays almost idle at around 4-5% maybe slightly more. The same is with my RAM i have only 2GB yet i have around 400-500 free while using both utilities. In photoshop I have set RAM usage to around 85% so its should be using much more. All this gives me and incredibly slow performance in the sense that when i apply simple effects or change some settings on a photo in CS5 i even get a progress loading bar on such events as selection or even to deselect. Does anyone have any suggestions on what could be the issue or a possible fix?
    Thanks in advance!

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    I could be wrong, since I'm not really an expert on how OS X relegates and utilizes RAM (though I know it caches most of it for such programs) but I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that with only 2 gigs of RAM to play with, you're not giving the system much of a choice with what do ! 2 gigs is barely enough RAM for Aperture alone, and you're throwing PS in the mix, which is a RAM hog! I've used both LR and Aperture at the same time, and they usually consume close to a gig or more of RAM depending upon what you're doing.

    My advice is to get more RAM, immediately. etc.. Can't speak to the CPU usage, but that part doesn't concern me since that usually depends on moment to moment actions.


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    I agree with member Doug b. Part of the problem with the lack of memory is that virtual memory is being swapped in and out which results in slow access and usage. Take his advice and buy - install an additional 2 GB of system memory. Of course that means you need to buy 2 x 2 GB modules as your machine has 2 x 1 GB modules installed.

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    I would agree with you both in a heartbeat and i will be getting more RAM. However - before there used to be no problems like my current one. Yes it was a bit slow i admit and i could work with it but now when i use the programs there is over 500mb of ram free that is not being utilized and throughout my use of CS5 and aperture there was no peak in CPU usage which used to happen before, that is what confuses me.

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