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Thread: Dimming Issue?

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    Dimming Issue?
    I am having a dimming issue. I often dim my screen down all the way if i am going to be gone for a few minutes and don't want others to start snooping on it, or done temporarily on the internet. But within a few days I have noticed something weird, I dim it, then it comes back on as if not dimmed, however when I touch a key or the trackpad it automatically dims down again to the blank screen. It has never done this before. Does anybody know what is going on?

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    Not quite sure - but try going to System Preferences>Display and uncheck "Automatically adjust brightness as ambient light changes" and see if it still occurs.

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    It still does it. I tried the ambient light selection yesterday. thanks though.

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    I don't know what's causing your problem but maybe a better solution instead of dimming the screen is to put your Mac to sleep. You can do it quickly with the keyboard shortcut Option Command Eject. Macs wake up really quickly so there aren't a lot of downsides to using this.

    You can also quickly put your notebook to sleep by closing the lid and it will wake up almost instantly when you open it again. I almost always put my Mac to sleep when I'm away from it for a few minutes because it's so easy to do.

    Also if you really care if someone is snooping on your computer while you are away then you can have your Mac require a password to wake it up from sleep.

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    That sleep shortcut I didn't know about, I will definitely do that from now on instead of dimming. Thank you for that.

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