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    I have the first year Macbook unibody aluminum. So in the last couple weeks the screen has been flickering, i would get portions of the screen that would flicker the brightness or kind of shake the picture. i could fix this by just moving the screen a bit and if i hit the sweet spot or sometimes it would just go away. now it has gotten to the point the screen will freeze and then slowly fade to white untill i move the screen then it will be fine for about 5 minutes till it does it again. I dont think its a bad lcd, but it could be. My guess would be a bad connection from the video card to the lcd, wanted some advice and to see if its a diy. Its also out of warranty, and no applecare.

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    It sounds like it may be the video cable from the logic board to the display. If you have the patience and skills, you can swap it out yourself. Go to iFixit: The free repair manual and have your model number on hand, look up the instructions for changing the cable. They may also sell the cable although I'm not sure they would have one in stock. For parts you can also go to Mac Repair - Mac Parts and Service for Apple Macbook, iPhone, iPad.

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