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    The classic "my macbook won't turn on" with a twist.
    Hi! I wish I had known about this site earlier!!! Basically, I need some help solving my crisis with my Macbook. It was just last week when I had been using my macbook, and when I was finished with it I went upstairs and plugged it into the charger to charge while I went to work. Only the light on my charger didn't turn on, orange or green, and my Macbook wasn't receiving any power. Long story short, it died, and has not turned on again since. I called Apple, as there is no Apple store really close to where I am, and they said it sounded like I'd broken my charger (which was very possibly because the wire and the connector had separated years ago), so I bought a new one. Upon arrival of my new charger, I plugged it into my Macbook and... nothing happened, the light didn't come on, just nothing. No sounds, no signs of life. So then I found this forum and searched through and saw a lot of people saying to take the battery out with the computer plugged in and see what happens, and I tried that and, well, nothing happens. And then I saw someone suggest taking the battery out without having it plugged in and try holding down the power button to reset something so I tried that. Nothing I've read so far works - I don't get a purr, or beeping, or signs of life at all. Basically, I'm out of ideas. Someone suggested that perhaps the place where you plug the computer into is shorted or something, but as I said before I'm not really in close proximity to an Apple store and the last time I called Apple I got this ~snazzy new powercord~ that doesn't work and didn't fix my problem. Anyone have any thoughts or similar experiences with this happening?

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    Your MacBook is dead. It may be the power supply, or perhaps the motherboard, but bottom line is it needs to be repaired by a pro. If you've been using a charging cable all this time that had been damaged, then THAT may have ultimately led to something frying inside.

    Please verify and include the exact model/year of your Mac and OS X version number (available from "About This Mac", then "More Info" on the Apple menu).
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    put into perspective, a dead motherboard is an expensive repair, to the point at which you might as well just buy a new laptop.
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