My charger is giving me fits. The springs on the two outside pins have apparently broken and those two pins stay in the down position unless I crack the charger like a whip...then they pop back out. When I plug it into the mac sometimes it will charge the battery, sometimes the computer will run off the charger but not charge the battery while doing so, and sometimes the computer simply fails to realize the magsafe is even plugged in.

When the magsafe is charging the battery, the green/amber light sometimes doesn't work. Sometimes even when it is not plugged into the computer, the light remains either green or amber.

Obviously, this thing has a mind of its own...but since it does occasionally work I'm not going to take it apart yet. I'll reserve that action for when it finally completely dies.

I realize that with a computer nearing 5 years old I'm lucky to even still be on the originally battery (522 cycles and 56% health) and charger, but I'd still like to hold off buying a new one if possible.

I've seen several videos on YouTube where you disassemble the end of the magsafe, file/sand down the casing so the pins sick out further, and put it back together so the connections will hopefully work better. Has anyone had any experience doing this? If so, how did it work out? TIA!