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    Shutdown during partitioning
    I accidentally shut down my computer while I was using bootcamp to partition my hard drive. I restarted and everything worked fine, but the partition doesn't show up but it says that I only have 8 gigs of memory on my hard drive, and that 225 were used up, which is the amount I was trying to partition. I don't know how to fix this, I'm not even sure what happened. I just recently wiped my computer so I don't care if I have to do it again, I'm just not sure what to do and I need to fix this fast. Any ideas?

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    Does the partition you were trying to create show up at all if you run the Bootcamp utility again. If it does try deleting the partition from there and recreate a new one.

    BTW just so I didn't misunderstand something I have a question. If BootCamp had finished creating the partition that you started how much space would be left empty on the OS X partition? If that gets too low the system can really start to misbehave.

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