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Thread: Upgrading hard drive on a 2010 white macbook

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    Upgrading hard drive on a 2010 white macbook
    Ok, I have a 4gb Ram and 250gb hard drive late 2010 Macbook but only have 16gb of space left on my hard drive. I am thinking of putting a 500gb or a 1TB SATA drive into my machine but am not sure of its capabilities. Does anyone have any advice on upgrading my hard drive please?

    Thanks in advance

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    Currently, the largest hard drive that can be placed in your white MacBook is a 750 GB model by Western Digital. Anything larger in capacity will not fit in the hard drive cavity. The drive you buy must be SATA and have these dimensions: 2.5" wide, and 9.5 mm thick.

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    I recently upgraded to a 500gb sata drive Western Digital 5400. Simple install.

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