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    Red lines on screen as result of spill?
    Hi there, I'm new here, hopefully I'm in the right section...
    I recently had my old Macbook Air replaced with the newest version.
    Since then I have been VERY careful with it, except for when I spilled an (oil) reed diffuser, which got on the outside of the laptop. I wiped it off and there didn't seem to be any damage, so I continued to use the laptop as usual. This was about a week ago.
    Last night two vertical red lines appeared on the screen... is this something that typically happens from "water" damage? And if I bring it into the Apple store, will I be screwed because its already been replaced?

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    Please read the Sticky notice regarding spills at the top of this forum. Any kind of spill is dangerous - even the slightest amount can cause damage.

    I'm not familiar with oil reed diffuser, but it sounds like something that could cause damage.

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