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    "Service Battery"
    Yesterday I was using my MacBook Pro watching a video, all of a sudden my MBP's screen turns black and the sleep light turns on and then eventually dies out... I go and get my MagSafe, plug it in. Everything seems fine. I press the start button, nothing seems out of the ordinary. Once it starts up, I noticed the percentage of the battery wasn't going up very fast.

    So, I clicked on the battery bar at the top and it said "Service Battery".

    Now, my MBP took the normal amount of time to charge, so it charged and I left it fully charged plugged in for about 2 hours.

    I then unplugged the computer and all of a sudden the message disappeared. It hasn't appeared since. OS X is saying the battery is in normal condition and the battery health went back up to 91% (it went down to 72% at the time of the "Service Battery" warning). I just finished charging it again and the message did not appear.

    So, is my battery okay, or should I get it serviced?

    It's only year and a few months old. I did not get AppleCare, which I regret now.


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    Your battery is probably OK, but you should keep an eye on it. I suggest using the free battery monitoring application "coconutBattery". It's free and will monitor the battery.

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    I had something similar on my MacBook after I upgraded to SnowLeapard. Ended up bringing the laptop to my local apple store and they gave me a new battery. If your MacBook is less than a year old then you should be covered by the regular warranty.

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    Calibrate the battery every once in awhile - maybe once a month.

    That warning auto appears when the battery max charge capacity reaches below a certain percentage of the original maximum. They want you to buy a new battery of course.
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