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    Cheap places to get a Macbook
    So here's my dilemma - I'm considering replacing my 3+ year old Macbook Pro since it's getting older. The actual operating system works perfectly fine, but from time to time a piece like the battery or logic board or monitor casing will crap out, and now that my warantee's expired I don't want to pay top dollar at the Apple Store to get the thing repaired. I figured cutting my losses and just getting a new machine will help save money in the long run.

    I'm also pretty broke and need my laptop for work (I'm a self-employed freelance illustrator/graphic artist).

    So one question I have is, are there any reputable places, either online or in a physical store, where one can get a Macbook for much cheaper than at the Apple Store?


    Is there any way Apple can do a flex payment plan? Can they do it if you have no credit/limited credit? (I'm a recent college grad and that's something I'm working on, but I don't know if it'd make that much of a difference).

    Any help is appreciated!

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    A couple of options here - Apple does have an instant credit app in the store, where if approved, you can print the approval out, take it to the register and complete your purchase. A sales associate can help guide you through that process. I believe it's either 90-days or six months same as cash. Best Buy has an online credit approval process, and they offer 18 months same as cash on purchases of $429 or more.

    As far as cheaper prices on Macs, you can check refurbished units from Apple, but most folks who sell new units will be within a few dollars of Apple. That's based on sales agreements with 3rd party vendors.

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    Short answer: other than Apple's own refurb store, you're not going to find a new Mac ANYWHERE that's substantially lower than Apple's own price -- unless you count Ebay/Craigslist scammers who will just rip you off.

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    If you qualify, Apple does have a Government store which appears to have discounts on some of their products.

    I'm a retired Army Vet and should qualify for their prices. I'm looking at a 15" Macbook Pro with 2.2MHz, HR A/G display 500GB 7200 rpm hard drive.

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    The government discounts are the same as those for students. Also, AAFEES stocks Mac machines at their stores or on line offering the same discount. Actually it's a better deal because there is no sales tax.

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