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    laptop or desktop
    My desktop died and I went to buy my first laptop - a macbook pro 15". The very helpful employee at the Apple store confused me. His suggestion was to buy the 21" desktop (better computer/less $$) and an ipad for the mobility piece. The total cost of the macbook pro was almost exactly the same as the cost for the desktop and the ipad combined.

    Now I'm not sure what to do. I'd appreciate any thoughts.

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    I think for most people who aren't geekified, what the Apple employee recommends make sense. Do most of the serious work at home with the desktop. An iPad for surfing, email, social communication, etc.

    But it really depends on what you as a user intend to do with your computing. For myself, I like to move around the house so having a desktop ties me down to one corner is just too boring. The notebook offer mobility and serious computing at work and home.

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    Would help if we had more info on your computing habits and needs.

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    Thanks for the responses - here's a bit more info.

    I am not a heavy computer user. I have a small home based business that doesn't require very much computer use. I do some photo work, including retouching etc. I don't travel for business, so I don't need that kind of serious mobility.

    On the other hand, my youngest child heads off to college in August and I am hoping that my work life will expand - so I want some flexibility/room for growth computer-wise.

    Thanks again.

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    I was in sort of the same pickle a week or so ago. My MBP is a few years old and not quite up to speed with what I'm doing. First I was looking for a new MBP to replace mine. Then however I asked myself why I'm in need of a new computer right now: Work in the Adobe CS5 design suite, edit HD videos and the occasional game. That's why I decided for an iMac.

    My MBP is still good enough for everything I need to do on the road (mostly emails, surfing, ...).

    If you are in the same boat: Most computing at home and some sort of mobility on the road, the iMac + iPad solution makes sense. But if you are planning on taking work on the road a MBP might be better - you could also get an external monitor for it to work on it "more comfortable" at home.

    Hope that helps a bit!

    The iMac btw has arrived in the sorting facility in my home town here. Wonder if it's going to be delivered today :-)

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    Thanks. I agree and I think I've made my decision!

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