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    MacBookAir 3,1 and Windows Vista
    Hi, just a quick one regarding the compatibility of these two.

    I understand that Vista is not officially supported by Apple for use on the 3,1. However, would it still be possible to install and run Vista?

    If so, any additional accessories or further requirements?

    Many thanks.

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    Apple dropped support for XP and Vista on the 2010 MacBook Air models last February 25th. LINK

    Which means.... no driver support. Now having said that, why would you even want to install Vista? Just step up to Windows 7 which is a much better OS and fully supported.

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    Windows 7 is a much better OS than either Vista or XP in my opinion. I'd even go so far as to state that Windows 7 is what Vista should have been in the first place. I wouldn't recommend using an earlier version of the OS, since you won't be able to get the drivers you need to make it run properly on your Mac.
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